HVAC and Building Automation

Achieve greater energy efficiency and reduce operating costs with wireless solutions for smart buildings.

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Retrofit in record time and with no disruptions

Communication protocols like Modbus, BACnet and DALI are widely used within buildings to control essential systems such as heating, ventilation and lighting. With wireless control through W-Modbus, W-BACnet and W-DALI you can retrofit a property and improve the performance of the building with far more flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency compared to a cabled solution.

Quick and easy installlation

The plug-and-play capabilities significantly reduce installation time so projects can be carried out quicker, at lower cost and with less complexity.

Increased project capacity

Wireless control in building automation enables time for additional projects, increasing revenue potential, turning time saved into profit earned.

Simplified cost planning

With a wireless installation you know the exact cost and work involved so project planning and bidding becomes quicker and more accurate.

Find your Superpower with wireless building automation.

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Why choose LumenRadio?

LumenRadio’s unique patented wireless technology predicts and finds the best channel to communicate on. We call it Cognitive CoexistenceTM – you can call it peace of mind.

Cognitive Coexistence allows our tech to operate reliably even in the most crowded of spaces so you get interference-free service every time. Where others fail, we deliver.

From epic stageshows and Hollywood blockbusters to challenging industrial environments and vast buildings, we have been delivering wireless without worries for almost two decades.