HVAC and Building Automation

Achieve greater energy efficiency and reduce operating costs with wireless solutions for smart buildings.

Wireless BACnet Wireless Modbus

Retrofit in record time and with no disruptions

Communication protocols like Modbus and BACnet are widely used within buildings. Replacing the cables with wireless communication adds value through easier and more flexible installations, lower maintenance costs and, by using a wireless mesh topology, increased range over an entire building.


No downtime and less maintenance through patented technologies


Reduce project cost with fast and easy installation


Perfect for retrofitting and changing building layout

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1. Unmatched reliability
Say goodbye to connectivity hiccups and embrace a seamless communication experience for your devices.

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Our commitment to innovation ensures that your products stay ahead of the wireless technology curve.

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Whether your OEM requirements are for small-scale projects or large-scale deployments, our radio modules do the business.

4. Versatility
LumenRadio’s RF modules are designed to play well with others so you can enjoy smooth, easy integration.