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Energy-efficient wireless control for DALI lighting

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Driven by regulatory requirements, tenant preferences and financial incentives, building owners are striving to improve energy efficiency. Lighting can account for around 20% to 40% of a commercial building’s total energy consumption. In some cases, particularly for buildings with outdated lighting systems, this can be even higher. Upgrading to a wireless lighting control system for indoor lighting enables building owners to improve energy efficiency and cut costs.

Quick and easy installation

Wireless means no new cables so retrofit projects can be carried out quicker and at lower cost. Use your choice of DALI controller and connect with ease.

Increased project capacity

Wireless lighting control enables time for additional projects, increasing revenue potential, turning time saved into profit earned.

Simplified cost planning

With a wireless installation you know the exact cost and work involved in advance so project planning and bidding becomes quicker and more accurate.

A simple click, click, done and you have a DALI cable which is wireless


Do DALI…the wireless way


W-DALI – wireless control for interior lighting

Reduce the cost and complexity of lighting retrofit projects

It’s DALI, just without the cable

Make installation projects more profitable with LumenRadio’s W-DALI lighting control – the ultimate wireless alternative to the DALI cable. Carry out building retrofits in record time with no need for extensive rewiring or complex construction work.


Simple installation

The W-DALI DIN RAIL transmitter clicks straight into the electrical cabinet, right next to the existing DALI controller, and the W-DALI Nodes can connect up to 10 fixtures at once. The network is created at the touch of a button.


Full DALI support

Use your preferred wired DALI controller together with any DALI compatible lighting and/or DALI sensors. W-DALI is fully transparent to any forward and backward DALI frames – and there is no change to commissioning or programming.


What makes W-DALI so reliable?

W-DALI – like all of LumenRadio’s wireless control solutions – is built on a unique technology which predicts and finds the best channel to communicate on. It hops to the least busy frequency in milliseconds ensuring your signal remains strong even where there are thousands of other wireless devices in operation. We call it Cognitive Coexistence – you can call it peace of mind.

The secret to success with wireless lighting control

Our on-demand W-DALI webinar will show you how wireless makes it cheaper and easier to upgrade DALI lighting for energy savings

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