Wireless climate control reduces energy usage at Warsaw's National Museum

Lowering energy consumption while maintaining optimal climate conditions in the National Museum in Warsaw, a historic building with thick stone walls, posed a unique challenge. Traditional cable-based climate control systems were impractical due to esthetic concerns and structural limitations. Wireless Modbus technology together with Produal Proxima® was an easy and seamless solution.

The National Museum in Warsaw, renowned for its extensive collection of ancient art, required precise climate control to safeguard its priceless artifacts. Previously, battery-powered Produal Proxima® units were installed to regulate indoor temperature and humidity. Despite the building’s architectural challenges, the wireless technology provided by LumenRadio ensured reliable communication between the units.

Wireless monitoring

To further enhance energy efficiency, the museum wanted to add a monitoring capability to control each individual floor heating convector. This required connecting the PLC (programmable logic controller) in the attic to the local controllers regulating each floor convector. Since no cabling was possible due to the thick walls and the long distance which had to be covered, wireless was the only option.

Go4Control, a Polish system integrator specializing in Building Automation, collaborated with LumenRadio’s distributor in Poland to deploy the LumenRadio W-Modbus DIN rail device as part of the wireless connectivity solution.

Nine W-Modbus units were connected to each local Produal Proxima control unit, facilitating heat control in the floor convectors. The W-Modbus gateway, installed in the technical room, connected the PLC to the customer’s server.

Arkadiusz Chrostowski, Project Manager from Go4Control says:

“A wireless solution was crucial for solving the challenges in this building. The LumenRadio devices were so easy to configure, significantly reducing installation time. With only a local power supply required for set-up, the implementation process was streamlined. We were impressed by the LumenRadio products and will undoubtedly turn to them for future projects.”

Luca Cancian, Sales Manager from LumenRadio says:

“This is a great example of the flexibility of wireless technology. Not only was cabling impractical in the building, but our ability to seamlessly integrate our W-Modbus products with any brand of Modbus device showcases the adaptability and simplicity that wireless solutions offer in diverse environments.”


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