AirGlow development kit

The AirGlow development kit is made for you who are interested in integrating the AirGlow OEM module directly into your products, enabling your DALI luminaire with wireless lighting control.

All the hardware you need to get started is included;
2 x AirGlow devices
1 x AirGlow devboard
5 x AirGlow OEM modules
1 x USB cable
4 x Antennas
2 x Zhaga book18 connectors
3 x Wago 221-415
1 x 15V power supply

With the included development board you can create your first prototype without the need of soldering or hardware design work. The kit also includes five modules so you can come closer to a final product by soldering the AirGlow modules straight onto your PCB for a full integration.

With the above parts, your knowledge and our support you will get the first prototype up and running quickly. We also support you in your journey by including mechanical, electrical and software development support if required.

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  • 2 x AirGlow device
  • 1 x AirGlow module development board
  • 1 x AirGlow shield
  • 5 x AirGlow OEM modules
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Power adaptor for DALI PSU
  • 4 x High performance antennas
  • 2 x Zhaga book 18 receptacles