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Wireless lighting control for professionals

Lighting is an art form that continuously evolves and with Wireless DMX the degree of freedom and creativity continues to increase. No matter if it’s a stage light, fixed installation or wearable movie prop, the increased flexibility and reduced rigging time makes Wireless DMX more than just a feature, it is a must-have for the entire entertainment lighting industry.


Wireless lighting control saves time and money during rigging


Wireless lighting control is easy to set up and control


Wireless lighting control gives increased flexibility and creativity

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Why LumenRadio?

For over a decade, LumenRadio’s CRMX technology for Wireless DMX has been the technology of choice in the entertainment lighting industry. It is the most reliable wireless lighting control solution on the market, carefully engineered to perfection. Trusted by over 200 manufacturers, CRMX is integrated in more fixtures than any other technology on the market.


Making the impossible possible

Discover the secrets behind the world’s most reliable wireless technology.

Becoming the benchmark for reliability

In 2012, the organizers of Coachella – one of the world’s largest music festivals – had a simple yet challenging request: sync the lighting on the stage with a set of huge searchlights right at the back of the site over half a kilometer away.


Challenge accepted

There was no way cables could be laid over that distance through the entire crowd to the stage, so LumenRadio was asked to link the lights wirelessly.


Rock-solid performance

LumenRadio was able to offer an alternative to those DMX lighting cables with a wireless signal which did not fail. Not only did it sync the lighting to fractions of a second in locations hundreds of meters apart, but it did so in an area completely crowded with other wireless traffic and without causing any interference to other devices.

Looking for plug-and-play W-DMX?

Orb and Stick from Wireless Solution is a ready-to-go RX / TX combo. Perfect if you’re not a lighting pro, but want to take your game to the next level.

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