Architectural Lighting

Wireless outdoor lighting control for dynamic, creative lighting

LumenRadio’s wireless DMX gives you a complete control over creative architectural lighting leaving you free to achieve the design you want. Perfect for architainment, event spaces or temporary installations, as it offers the flexibility to quickly adapt lighting arrangements to changing layouts or requirements without the constraints of fixed cabling.

Freedom of design

Wireless DMX allows lighting designers to focus solely on achieving the desired lighting effects without concerns about visible cables, resulting in cleaner, more polished installations.


With wireless there are no constraints on the placement of lighting fixtures and it’s easy to make changes to lighting setups. Adding or relocating fixtures does not require re-running of cables.

Easy to install

Wireless control is cost-effective, simplifies installation, reduces set-up time and minimizes disruption.


Galileo MAX – wireless control for architectural lighting

Multiple universe wireless DMX transmitter

Cover large-scale projects

Build a network using one Galileo MAX linked to an unlimited number of receivers – either fixtures from our OEM partners or LumenRadio products.


Reliable wireless technology

Based on LumenRadio’s trusted CRMX technology, you get a range and performance which allows your creativity to take center stage.


Remote monitoring

Connect to Galileo MAX remotely and use your browser to create addresses, complete set-up and perform system healthchecks.


What makes Galileo so reliable?

Galileo – like all of LumenRadio’s wireless control solutions – is built on a unique technology which predicts and finds the best channel to communicate on. It hops to the least busy frequency in milliseconds ensuring your signal remains strong even where there are thousands of other wireless devices in operation. We call it Cognitive Coexistence – you can call it peace of mind.