Industrial IoT

Reliable, accurate and scalable wireless mesh technology for demanding industrial environments.

Wireless technology in demanding industrial conditions is not just a possibility, it is an advantage. With our technology your products will communicate wirelessly in mesh networks with the highest reliability and the lowest power consumption. Commissioning is quick and easy, without the need for additional gateways or access points to cover larger areas.


Make sure your data is delivered even in the toughest radio environments without unecessary retransmissions.


Perform highly synchronised actions and timestamping with an accuracy of a few microseconds.


Easily add hundreds of nodes in harsh environments to cover large areas.

Industrial IoT Wireless technology

Why LumenRadio?

Our industrial configuration for wireless mesh is developed with focus on reliability and robustness. Our patented technologies offer unparalleled features and are the perfect fit for large-scale meshing networks in demanding industrial environments.