Radio modules for OEMs

Quick and easy wireless integration

Get certified RF modules built on leading wireless technology ready for integration into your devices.

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Why OEMs choose LumenRadio

Faster time to market

Whether your requirements are for small-scale OEM projects or large-scale deployments, our radio modules do the business.

Unmatched reliability

Say goodbye to connectivity hiccups and embrace a seamless communication experience for your devices.

Certified modules

Get patented wireless mesh technology from radio modules which are already certified and ready for integration.

Expert wireless support, every step of the way

Many leading OEMs have chosen to directly integrate radio modules from LumenRadio into their devices.

They highlight the value of the support and expertise LumenRadio provides during the design and implementation process and how this has helped ensure a faster time to market for their products.

You too can integrate completely certified radio modules built on LumenRadio’s patented wireless mesh technology, giving you extremely reliable connectivity from products which are easy to commission.


Embrace the future of wireless connectivity

Our range of OEM RF modules can be directly integrated into your device to make it wireless.

We have wireless alternatives for the BACnet, DALI, DMX and Modbus cable protocols. Or if you want the flexibility to tailor integration to your own product architecture, you have Mira radio modules for wireless mesh.


Download: Mesh Technology and RF Modules

Get started with wireless control

If you’re interested in integrating any of our radio modules into your own products, then a development kit is the perfect way to get the ball rolling.

We will support you throughout your journey with mechanical, electrical and software development support so that you can get the first prototype up and running as quickly as possible.


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Maximize the impact of your Proof of Concept

How to get your IoT development funded and approved

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Ready to take your OEM projects to new heights?

Partner with LumenRadio and experience the seamless integration, reliability and innovation that our radio modules bring to the table. Contact us today to discuss how our RF modules can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your OEM applications.

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