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Seamless transition to energy efficiency for Manilla School with wireless BACnet technology

Creating a more sustainable school building without construction work and with no disruption to the pupils was made possible thanks to wireless BACnet technology. And together with the 65% reduction in installation time – compared to a wired solution – all added up to the project being a great success.

Manilla School in Stockholm, Sweden is a modern school with advanced technology for both digital and visual learning. The property owner, SISAB, is also at the forefront of new technology but its focus is on running more energy efficient buildings. By modernizing the room controllers throughout Manilla School, SISAB found that it could decrease energy usage, save money and support its sustainability strategy. 

The system integrator Kieback & Peter helped SISAB to change from an “unintelligent” room control setup to smart room controllers connected to a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system, making it possible to regulate the indoor climate and monitor energy usage.

The challenge was that the retrofit needed to be done when the school was still being used, without disrupting lessons. By choosing LumenRadio’s wireless BACnet product there was no need to install any new cables and therefore no construction work, which also meant no time-consuming installation planning or daisy-chaining.

126 nodes were wirelessly connected in five separate networks. Thanks to LumenRadio’s patented wireless BACnet technology, the communication network has a uniquely high level of reliability and ensures that there is no interference with the other wireless systems at the school.  

Petri Kauppinen from Kieback & Peter was impressed by the speed and simplicity of the installation process.  

“We were very pleased with the quick installation and commissioning,” Petri says. “No extra software was needed for the commissioning and due to the quick and easy installation we didn’t have to disrupt the daily running of the school.” 

LumenRadio’s W-BACnet products make it possible to create a wireless BACnet mesh network that maintains the standard and interoperability of the protocol. The W-BACnet products are compatible with any other product utilizing the BACnet MS/TP standard. 


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Photo: Hans Alm