Street Lighting

Wireless outdoor lighting control for smart street lighting

Street lighting is a drain on a city’s energy budget and can amount to as much one half of its entire energy bill. With towns, cities and local councils around the world looking to cut their costs and meet sustainability targets, switching to wireless lighting control is the perfect energy-saving strategy.


Reduce power consumption and energy costs with adaptable street lighting.


Efficient and user-friendly installation means projects are completed quickly.


Use smartphone app to smoothly set up scenes and groups.

The wireless outdoor lighting controller AirGlow enables adaptable street lighting for reduced power consumption


AirGlow – Simplifying energy-efficient outdoor lighting


AirGlow – wireless control for DALI street lighting

Cost-effective and energy-efficient outdoor lighting control

Smart street lighting for towns and cities

AirGlow reduces power consumption, helps create a safe environment for residents and enables lighting suitable for biodiversity. It combines advanced wireless control for street lighting with uniquely scalable technology.


Reliable wireless mesh

Using a standard Zhaga Book 18 connector and including major benefits such as LumenRadio’s reliable wireless mesh technology, tuneable white functionality, easy commissioning using Bluetooth and superior range connectivity through optimized radio performance, AirGlow offers unique out-of-the-box connectivity.


Adaptable DALI lighting control

With AirGlow you get a smart wireless lighting control system which can be programmed for advanced night dimming with sensors reacting to any nearby movement and activating full illumination in less than a second. No movement means no lighting and no energy is wasted.


What makes AirGlow so reliable?

AirGlow – like all of LumenRadio’s wireless control solutions – is built on a unique technology which predicts and finds the best channel to communicate on. It hops to the least busy frequency in milliseconds ensuring your signal remains strong even where there are thousands of other wireless devices in operation. We call it Cognitive Coexistence – you can call it peace of mind.