It’s time to do DALI the wireless way!

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LumenRadio – Wireless Without Worries

Less hassle, less cost

Get instant wireless control with no construction work, just faster project completion.

Rock-solid performance

Replace cables with wireless communication in challenging environments where nothing but perfection is accepted.

Energy efficiency

Upgrade existing buildings with wireless control to enable energy savings and meet sustainability targets.

Discover the secret to success with wireless lighting control

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What our customers say

ARRI Picture


We expect nothing less than true innovation in wireless technology from LumenRadio. You have set the standards and you will surely continue to do so in the future

Florian Bloch
Astera Picture


LumenRadio is simply the most reliable wireless DMX system, that is why we chose LumenRadio

Sebastian Bueckle
SKF Picture


Low power consumption was one of the main reasons SKF chose to work with LumenRadio. The possibility for sensors to run on a single battery for many years, usually its entire lifetime, creates a perfect solution for harsh environments, such as paper mills or food manufacturing plants where you want to avoid unnecessary battery maintenance.”

Chris G James , Product Manager
Swegon Picture


”Although thousands of nodes can be found in a single system, commissioning has never been this easy. LumenRadio’s and Swegon’s patented technology for commissioning combined with Swegon’s long experience, the installer is offered a new intuitive tool for fast and easy commissioning.”

Jan Risén , CTO Swegon
Creamsource Picture


We use the TimoTwo module in our Vortex8 and SpaceX LED Lighting products.  We love it because it’s simple to integrate, has excellent performance and heaps of innovative features.  The LumenRadio CRMX system is very popular in the Film industry, and we’re excited to see where they take the technology next.

Sasha Marks , Chief Technology Officer
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