From test to market in under a year: the secret to going wireless at speed

At the start of 2024, S+S launched a new range of smart sensors with LumenRadio’s Wireless Modbus module inside. S+S was able to take LumenRadio’s pre-certified radio module, test it, create a prototype, run a pilot and go to market all within the space of 12 months.

S+S is a European market leader in advanced sensor technology used in factories to measure temperature, humidity, pressure as well as CO2 and fine dust. These sensors are vital to delivering greater energy efficiency and cost savings through centralized recording, monitoring and control of power consumption.

No software development required

By choosing to integrate the W-Modbus module into their sensors, data which was previously sent via a Modbus RTU cable can now be communicated wirelessly. The standardized Modbus protocol is retained and the signals are transmitted with low latency.

W-Modbus makes it easier to set up intelligent building automation thanks to reliable and secure wireless communication. LumenRadio’s technology scores highly in terms of cost savings, increased flexibility and reduced installation and maintenance costs. And thanks to mesh topology, up to 100 devices can be assigned to a W-Modbus gateway.

“The magic with LumenRadio’s module is that it’s practically a plug-and-play solution,” says Heiko Linke, General Manager at S+S. “We could put all of our focus into the hardware – we didn’t have to put any work into embedded software, there was no programming required at all and no need for us to write any kind of application.”

Pre-certification = a faster time to market

Another great time-saver for S+S in terms of getting their new products to market was that the W-Modbus modules came with all the relevant certifications.

“Getting pre-certified modules like this was a huge plus for us and really sped up the whole process,” says Heiko. “From test to launch, we received excellent support from LumenRadio – there was clear and simple documentation, and technical assistance when we needed it.”

There has been a rapid increase in demand for sensors in buildings, so through this offering S+S are able to provide their customers worldwide with a fast, simple and cost-efficient wireless sensor that can be integrated directly at any site.

The W-Modbus range of wireless sensors from S+S are now available to buy and more information can be found on their website: S+S Wireless Modbus sensors.

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