- Single Universe DMX transceiver with Bluetooth.
Luna is the essential flex unit that gets the job done, being able to transmit or receive one universe of DMX. Featuring the same reliable CRMX as all other devices from LumenRadio it also features Bluetooth connectivity in a compact and rugged format.

By using LumenRadios CRMX Toolbox App it is possible to configure all settings of the device via the Bluetooth interface. The same interface can also be used to transmit DMX data directly from supported lighting control apps without the need of any additional hardware.

With the improved radio design and external antenna, Luna has the same range as both Aurora and Stardust with LED indicators on the front panel along with the one button interface for quick operation.

Luna features a 5-pin XLR for DMX, DC barrel plug for 10-20v and powerCON Tru1 for AC power. Tailor Luna to meet your specific needs with accessories such as V-Lock battery mount, Rack mount, Wall mount, Clamps and Threads.

LumenRadio continues to deliver the most reliable Wireless DMX with both CRMX and W-DMX compatibility, featuring Linking Key* along with industry standard 5 ms latency, error correction and 128 bit encryption at full refresh rate for a full universe.

Single Universe Flex

Cognitive coexistence


  • Single Universe CRMX Flex unit
  • DMX/RDM(in RX)
  • Bluetooth
  • Configuration via App
  • Compatible with CRMX and W-DMX G3/G4s
Product specifications

Supported Protocols

  • DMX / RDM (in RX)
  • CRMX
  • W-DMX G3 / G4s
  • Bluetooth 5.0


RF Characteristics

  • Frequency range: 2402-2480 MHz
  • Radio module: TimoTwo
  • 5ms latency
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Forward Error Correction



  • Antenna: RP-TNC
  • DMX: 5-pin XLR female
  • DC: 2.5mm/5.5mm Barrel connector
  • AC: powerCON Tru1 



  • DC 10-20v 
  • AC 100-240 VAC



  • IP20 Aluminium enclosure
  • Front panel LEDs and button
  • M10 and ⅜” Threads
  • Rack and wall mount accessories
  • V-Lock battery mount accessory
  • 14 x 19 x 4.4 cm

Customers Testimonials

ARRI Picture


“We expect nothing less than true innovation in wireless technology from LumenRadio. You have set the standards and you will surely continue to do so in the future.”

Florian Bloch
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“It’s simply the most reliable wireless DMX system – that is why we chose LumenRadio.”

Sebastian Bueckle
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“We use the TimoTwo module in our Vortex8 and SpaceX LED Lighting products. We love it because it’s simple to integrate, has excellent performance and heaps of innovative features. The LumenRadio CRMX system is very popular in the film industry, and we’re excited to see where they take the technology next.”

Sasha Marks , CTO
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RC4 Wireless

“Being able to utilize one radio module that provides 100% manufacturer compatibility with both respected brands is tremendously beneficial to everyone.”

James David Smith
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