Astera – 100% wireless

Astera is known world-wide for their high-quality lighting products. Their product line is proudly presented as 100% wireless – all enabled by LumenRadio’s patented CRMX technology.

Wireless technology has been incorporated in Astera’s products for a long time. Between 2009 and 2015, Astera had its own wireless DMX solution. But since 2015, they have been using LumenRadio’s CRMX™ chip in each of their products.

“Ever since, we have been extremely happy with LumenRadio’s products and their support. Our customers love that it is compatible with other products.”

Sebastian Bueckle, Sales and Marketing Director at Astera.

The wireless features are credited for being what makes Astera’s products so successful. All lights and even the controller have a built-in battery and can be controlled remotely via Astera’s App and LumenRadio’s wireless DMX.

Reliability is a must

For Astera, using the most advanced technology has always been an important requirement. With its ground-breaking patented Cognitive Coexistence technology, the LumenRadio CRMX chips offer unprecedented reliability, giving professionals the peace of mind they need to control their fixtures wirelessly.

“LumenRadio is simply the most reliable wireless DMX system – that is why we chose them.”

Sebastian Bueckle, Sales and Marketing Director at Astera.

Astera are known to listen to the market, and with the input from customers they develop products that help professionals express their creativity and which they enjoy using. Offering wireless technology in their products is a big part of this and LumenRadio’s CRMX technology for wireless DMX has become the de-facto wireless lighting control standard across the globe.