The CRMXchip is the world’s smallest wireless lighting control solution. Built on the latest chip technologies, CRMXchip includes everything needed for manufacturers to add a multi functional wireless DMX receiver into high volume products.

Building on years of experience in manufacturing industry leading wireless integration modules, LumenRadio’s CRMXchip is an industry first – a compact, developer friendly chip which can be integrated into products with ease. Interfaces are provided for SPI, TTL and (via external drivers) RS485 signals, including an industry first “DMX Window” functionality, which removes the need to process a full 512 slot to locate start addresses within a product. This innovation enables extremely low cost wireless-only products to be manufactured with almost no DMX processing requirements.

CRMX Receiver

High volume product

Tiny footprint

Compatible with all CRMX equipment

  • Receiver chip
  • QFN48 6mm x 6mm package
  • SPI DMX window functionality
  • Over the air upgrades of radio drivers
  • <40mA current consumption
  • Supports all CRMX and W-DMX protocols
Technical data
  • Part Number: 800-7001
  • Radio Type: Transceiver
  • Modes of Operation: Receiver (RX)
  • Mounting Options: SMT
  • Antenna Connector: N/A
  • Internal Antenna: No
  • Dimensions [mm]: 6 x 6 x 0.8
  • Power Supply [VDC]: 3.0-3.6
  • Typical Current Consumption [mA]: 40
  • DMX Interface: TLL UART, SPI
  • No. of DMX Channels: 0-512
  • DMX Refresh Rate [Hz]: 1-830
  • RDM Support: No
  • Firmware Upgrade: Wired and Wireless

Customers Testimonials

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”The magic with LumenRadio’s module is that it’s practically a plug-and-play solution. We could put all of our focus into the hardware – we didn’t have to put any work into embedded software, there was no programming required at all and no need for us to write any kind of application.”

Heiko Linke , General Manager
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“With W-Modbus we were able to decrease the installation cost compared to a wired installation and at the same time create a flexible system where it was easy to add units when changing the layout. We are very satisfied with the result.”

Simon Karim , Project Manager
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“We use the TimoTwo module in our Vortex8 and SpaceX LED Lighting products. We love it because it’s simple to integrate, has excellent performance and heaps of innovative features. The LumenRadio CRMX system is very popular in the film industry, and we’re excited to see where they take the technology next.”

Sasha Marks , CTO
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”Although thousands of nodes can be found in a single system, commissioning has never been this easy. LumenRadio’s and Swegon’s patented technology for commissioning combined with Swegon’s long experience, the installer is offered a new intuitive tool for fast and easy commissioning.”

Jan Risén , CTO
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“The real estate owner will enjoy a never before seen flexibility and new groundbreaking services for energy savings and maintenance. With great savings on installation and new services being possible to offer even after the system has been fully commissioned, we decided to make all of our products wirelessly enabled by LumenRadio’s technology”

Andreas Kihlström , Project Manager
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