Why Wireless BACnet?

Replacing wires with wireless communication brings significant benefits without changing the existing ecosystem. Legacy wired devices such as sensors, can be converted into wireless devices, providing increased flexibility and cost savings, both during installation and steady-state operation.

W-BACnet exists both as an end-user product, that simply can be connected to any BACnet device – and a radio module that can be integrated directly into a BACnet device to make it wireless. All W-BACnet products are fully compatible and can be mixed in a system and our W-BACnet technology is compatible with any products that comply with the BACnet MS/TP standard.

Benefits with W-BACnet

Instant installation

Commission the W-BACnet network in minutes – just power up, connect your BACnet device and you are up-and-running.


You no longer need to have the same baud rate in the whole network – supports individual settings for each device.


By combining our patented MiraMesh and Cognitive Coexistence technology, each W-BACnet possesses an unparalleled reliability and resilience towards interference.


W-BACnet Retrofitting



BACnet MSTP through reliable wireless mesh. Reduce time-consuming cable installations, installation planning, troubleshooting, and daisy-chaining.

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