Nov 30, 2021 IN News / HVAC & Building Automation
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The wireless BACnet solution for smarter buildings is coming to AHR Expo in Las Vegas, January 2022.

Building automation systems need to be reliable, flexible, easy, and traditionally wired, right? Regarding the first three, yes. But for the latter – no, not at all! Exhibiting at AHR, LumenRadio will show the US market the advantages of reliable and future-proof wireless solutions for building automation, focusing on wireless BACnet.

LumenRadios wireless technology enables reliable and easy to maintain wireless sensor and controls networks. Earlier in 2021, LumenRadio successfully launched W-Modbus, a wireless Modbus RTU Mesh solution. The sights are set now on the BACnet protocol. LumenRadio will, at AHR 2022, showcase a wireless BACnet product. By removing the complexity that previously was encumbering wireless BACnet innovation/solutions, LumenRadio’s product will be a game-changer for the industry.

The AHR Expo is the world’s biggest HVACR trade show, a perfect setting to showcase innovations and new technologies to the broad market. LumenRadio’s wireless solutions enable fast and easy installations for retrofits and greenfields alike, meeting the demands of reliably replacing cabling. Their products are revolutionizing the Smart Building automation market.

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