Mar 14, 2023 IN News / Entertainment Lighting

Discover RDM - now available in Stardust, Aurora and MoonLite

With the latest firmware we introduce wireless RDM transmission in Stardust, Aurora and also MoonLite. This feature has been on the wishing list for many users and with its availability we aim to improve the workflow for our users of Wireless DMX, making it #WirelessWithoutWorries

Using any RDM controller from any manufacturer you are now able to configure fixtures as well as monitor all devices supporting the RDM standard (ANSI E1.20). Checking signal strength, configure address and change profiles are only some of the many operations that can be performed using RDM.

The supported RDM commands vary between fixtures and controllers, but rest assured that the mentioned products from LumenRadio will forward all commands sent from the controller using either CRMX² or CRMX Classic. RDM is supported over ArtNet (for Stardust) as well as via the DMX connector (for Aurora and MoonLite) thanks to the integrated RDM proxy.

This update is applicable to all supported devices on the market. Update to the latest firmware in MoonLite and Aurora using the CRMX Toolbox app or download the files from LumenRadio support pages for Stardust. No updates are needed for receivers to support this new functionality.

At the same time, RDM transmitter functionality is made available for OEMs that are making their own controllers using TimoTwo, via SPI or as a proxy.