Sky high universes - Wireless DMX at Lusail Plaza Towers

Lusail Plaza Towers in Doha have been equipped with a sky high amount of Wireless DMX from LumenRadio’s brand W-DMX – 128 universes delivered by OEM partner Griven lighting up the facade of the 310 meter high towers.

The newly built Lusail Plaza Towers have already become a landmark in Doha as well as an unmissable background for the football supporters at FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The group of four imposing towers consists of two 70-storey skyscrapers and two 50-storey high-rises.

Involving the contribution of different lighting designers working on the project for about three years, the developed lighting concept of Lusail Plaza Towers required the use of powerful LED fixtures which could be able to deliver a high illumination level up to the top of the four skyscrapers.

The lighting and control was supplied by Griven, delivering 1040 custom fixtures of the type Capitol 800 MC RGBW. The fixtures were individually controlled with Wireless DMX using 128 WhiteBox F-1 and 64 WhiteBox F-2 from Wireless Solution, a company owned by LumenRadio.

There are many advantages when using Wireless DMX in architectural projects, and the products from LumenRadio makes projects like these feasible. The Wall of Jerusalem and Iron Bridge in UK are two other important landmarks illuminated with the help of Wireless DMX from LumenRadio.

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