Lighting refurbishment of UNESCO world heritage site Pont du Gard

LumenRadio’s award winning CRMX RDM wireless lighting control system played a crucial role in the lighting refurbishment of UNESCO world heritage site Pont du Gard in the south of France. The installation represents the most comprehensive wireless system ever to take full advantage of RDM (Remote Device Management) for fixture configuration and monitoring in an outdoor architectural setting.

Pont du Gard is a classic tri-level aqueduct built 2,000 years ago over the Gard river in Southern France. This fantastic display of Roman engineering and masonry is visited by more than a million tourists every year and is a focal point for cultural activities and festivals. The site is also frequently used for Son et Lumiéres; that made it critical to find a wireless system than not only could handle the daily operations effectively, but that also would seamlessly integrate with the controls for such events.

LumenRadio’s CRMX was early in the design process identified as the only wireless technology to deliver both the advanced functionality and the reliability required for this monumental task. Two transmitters, two repeaters, and 23 receivers from the CRMX Outdoor product line, as well as a custom engineered directional antenna system, are used to connect to the RDM enabled LED fixtures located 40 meters above the river surface. The award winning SuperNova software provides remote management and real-time monitoring from the comfort and safety of a dedicated control room.

The tasteful lighting design by Claudette Viguier of Adreamlux now offers spectators a tantalizing visual experience as soon as the sun goes down every night. Texen lighting company based in Provence, in collaboration with French LumenRadio distributor AVAB Transtechnik, was responsible for the installation and commissioning of the CRMX system and the LED fixtures.