Jun 19, 2024 IN Insights

Calculating wireless range: how to plan for success

Range is a common parameter when assessing which wireless technology is fit for the job – and adding a margin is crucial to account for interference.

A common mistake is to set up and test a wireless network in an empty building only to find that performance is seriously impacted once it is full of objects and people.

As this graphic shows, different materials affect the wireless signal to varying degrees.

Be aware of your range budget

The impact of various materials – such as doors, walls and floors – on the range of a wireless signal can be calculated and an additional margin must be included.

Without a sufficient margin, the system might work during installation, often during renovation or construction, but fail once the project is completed and the tenant moves into the premises.

An invaluable tool for calculating wireless range

To help you plan your wireless installations, we’ve created a Wireless Range Calculator so you can check in just 3 steps whether your signal will reach its destination. It is calibrated for LumenRadio’s W-DALI, W-Modbus and W-BACnet products and lets you know exactly how much margin you have left once you have accounted for all the walls, doors and people in the way.


Wireless Range Calculator

Calculate your range budget quickly and accurately in just 3 simple steps.

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