Wireless control provides ultimate flexibility for architectural lighting

SGM Light is a leading innovator of lighting solutions for both entertainment and architectural venues. And its latest product line, the 3 Series – includes not one but two wireless control options from LumenRadio.

The new SGM Light 3 Series incorporates a powerful dynamically driven LED engine to wash the exteriors of large structures or pick out important architectural details.

Wash lights are used to bathe an area with light and are perfect for lighting up a larger surface area so they are commonly used in the architainment industry.

When it came to the new 3 Series, SGM has given customers plenty of control options. The fixture can be controlled natively using standard DMX, but they can also include LumenRadio’s Wireless DMX or AirGlow.

“LumenRadio’s Wireless DMX is a de facto standard which is used widely across the industry and integrated into the fixtures of many major lighting manufacturers. It’s great to now also see our AirGlow technology being embedded.”

Jens Markebjer, International Sales Manager at LumenRadio

AirGlow is primarily used for wireless control of street lighting, enabling towns and cities to achieve instant energy savings through more adaptable lighting.

But with features such as range optimization, RGBW, tunable white, direct Bluetooth control, mesh network and signal repetition, AirGlow was considered a great option by SGM Light.

“AirGlow helps to increase the flexibility of installation for our customers. It can be push programmed from any Android or iOS device, supplanting the need for a basic controller. Integrating wireless control from LumenRadio also makes a lot of sense for us from a sustainability perspective as there is no need to run data lines and no need to buy extra cables.”

Jason Osterman, Product Manager at SGM Light

The i-3 Wash and P-3 Wash POI – POI stands for permanent outdoor installation – is a family of RGBW fixtures which set a new standard for exterior color-changing fixtures, with the capacity to provide multiple beam angles, delicate pastels, excellent whites and saturated colors. They are currently available to buy from SGM’s global network of distributors.