Apr 04, 2023 IN Entertainment Lighting

Stardust - Setting the standards of Wireless DMX

Stardust is LumenRadio’s flagship Wireless DMX/RDM transmitter that has become an essential tool in the entertainment lighting industry since the launch in 2022. With its reliable and secure CRMX technology, Stardust solves the problem of wireless lighting control in congested radio environments.

Its ease of use and versatility make it a valuable asset in various lighting applications, including live events, broadcast, film, and architectural lighting. In film productions, where lighting control is essential to creating the desired mood and atmosphere, Stardust has enhanced the creativity and workflow of filmmakers across the globe.

One notable example of Stardust’s capabilities is London New Year’s celebration in 2023, where it was used to control all the lights of the London Eye. With one hundred thousand people gathered to watch live along with millions on tv, reliable and uninterrupted lighting control was crucial as the iconic landmark lit up the night sky. Stardust’s CRMX technology delivered a flawless performance, ensuring that the light show was a spectacular success.

With its outstanding performance, Stardust continues to be the preferred choice for professionals seeking to improve their lighting control work flow. If you wish to experience Stardust first hand, talk to your local distributor or visit LumenRadio at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt next month!

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