LumenRadio Illuminates the Old City Walls of Jerusalem

The Walls of Jerusalem have protected the Old city of Jerusalem since ancient times. In the project of illuminating the Walls, the choice has been narrowed down to wireless solution, but there were still several challenges to be considered. Never before has wireless DMX technology been used outdoors in this fashion in Israel.

LumenRadio’s Israeli distributor Danor Theatre and Studio Systems, were tasked with an unique challenge of illuminating the Walls. Due to the vast distances required to spread the lighting system, and the irregular layout of the walls and its surrounding landscape, the task could be only be realized with the help of a wireless DMX solution. For the successful completion of this project, Danor has selected LumenRadio’s excellent DMX wireless system for its unmatched reliability, and ease of use and installation.

Today, one side of the wall has been fully set up and the plans for illuminating the three remaining walls are being finalized. To continue with LumenRadio´s Wireless DMX technology is an obvious choice for Erez Hardar at Danor who expresses his satisfaction and confidence with the project’s successful outcome.

Erez has added; “When this project has been first discussed, I knew it was going to be unique and something that has never been done before here in Israel. Using wireless DMX technology – outdoors, in a very complicated area, both geographically and physically, with a wide range of poles to cover.”

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