Apr 21, 2023 IN News / Entertainment Lighting

One supplier of Wireless DMX - LumenRadio and Wireless Solution merge product offering

As the final step in creating one common standard for all Wireless DMX needs, LumenRadio and Wireless Solution have now consolidated their product offerings. One combined portfolio of Wireless DMX for all end users and manufacturers is now available from LumenRadio through one common distribution network.

Since LumenRadio’s acquisition of Wireless Solution in 2020, the two technologies CRMX and W-DMX have been combined to create one common solution for Wireless DMX. 

By adding both CRMX and W-DMX support in end-user products from both brands, followed by the same in all OEM radio modules, this consolidation of products and distributors is the next step in creating one common standard for all Wireless DMX needs. 

As a result, from May 1, LumenRadio will become the sole supplier of Wireless DMX and all products from both brands will be available through one common distribution network.

The two distribution networks from LumenRadio and Wireless Solution have been merged into one, with full access to the combined portfolio of products. As a natural part of this, some distributors will be leaving while others will increase the presence of Wireless DMX on markets throughout the world. The complete list of distributors is available at LumenRadios website.

Wireless Solution will continue to operate as a brand of LumenRadio with a new line of products already introduced at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt. The complete product portfolio from LumenRadio will consist of products from both of the brands LumenRadio and Wireless Solution.

LumenRadio wishes to thank all distributors for their support and is confident that this change will make it easier for everyone to use Wireless DMX, creating a world that is #WirelessWithoutWorries

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