Apr 19, 2022 IN News / Entertainment Lighting

LumenRadio combines CRMX and W-DMX into one solution for all Wireless DMX equipment

Following LumenRadio’s acquisition of Wireless Solution in 2020, the two major technologies of Wireless DMX, CRMX from LumenRadio and W-DMX from Wireless Solution, were brought together under one company. As the third step in creating one common standard for Wireless DMX, LumenRadio now announces that CRMX and W-DMX have been combined into one solution for Wireless DMX.

First out, the BlackBox G6 from Wireless Solution got optional CRMX support. Secondly, The Next Generation and MoonLite from LumenRadio got W-DMX support. Now as the third step, all Wireless DMX OEM modules support both CRMX and W-DMX.

As of now, all Wireless DMX modules in our combined OEM offer supports both the CRMX and the W-DMX protocol, thereby alleviating some, if not all, of the issues related to previously limited compatibility between the two different protocols. This means that all manufacturers integrating Wireless DMX from LumenRadio or Wireless Solution will get support for both CRMX and W-DMX, regardless of previous technology used.

“Our strategy has been to create the best possible experience and make it easier for all users of Wireless DMX. We are now taking the next step to unify the entire industry in one platform and set one standard of Wireless DMX.”

Michael Karlsson, R&D Manager LumenRadio

LumenRadio also recognizes the large amount of equipment already on the market that does not support both technologies, which is why all new products from LumenRadio support both CRMX and W-DMX transmissions. The need for multiple transmitters or incompatible technologies is soon a thing of the past, as there now is a solution that will work with almost all brands in the entire entertainment lighting industry.

“Our goal is that all products with Wireless DMX will be compatible with each other, releasing this solution is the third step in that direction. Finally users and manufacturers don’t have to choose between technologies as our Wireless DMX works with almost all brands in the entire industry.”

Josef Hederström, Sales Manager LumenRadio

The combined solution is currently being adopted by manufacturers integrating Wireless DMX from both LumenRadio and Wireless Solution. Radio modules that are not able to support both protocols are being phased out during the year to enable a complete transition. During this period there will be some equipment produced not supporting both protocols, and in the near future all equipment with Wireless DMX will support both CRMX and W-DMX.

LumenRadio trusts that all users will benefit from the combination of the two technologies and thank all supporters for their trust in #WirelessWithoutWorries


Can I update my equipment to support both technologies?

Equipment using CRMX might be possible to update with a firmware update to the LumenRadio module inside, please check with your manufacturer. Equipment with W-DMX can not be updated with firmware and instead requires the radio module to be replaced.

MoonLite and The Next Generation Boxes from LumenRadio supports both CRMX and W-DMX, the older CRMX Nova, CRMX Outdoor and CRMX Slim can not be updated due to hardware limitations.

Which radio modules does this apply to?

The new combined offering from LumenRadio can be seen at our webpage and consists of TimoTwo, TiMo FX/RX, Pluggy FX/RX and CRMXchip. The TiNY module from Wireless Solution is replaced by the pin compatible Pluggy, other modules will be phased out.

The same selection of modules will be available for customers of both LumenRadio and Wireless Solution.