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LED street lamps with wireless lighting control generate massive cost and energy savings

The local municipality of Kungsbacka in Sweden uses many different technologies to promote sustainability, innovation and safety. With the rising cost of electricity, the municipality’s street lighting has become a high priority. Now LumenRadio’s technology for wireless lighting control has been installed in a small residential area. As a result an additional 50% has been saved on energy bills.

“The municipality is currently committed to a major initiative within IT and infrastructure. As part of this, wireless lighting control and sensors will contribute to a more sustainable, adaptable form of lighting which generates energy savings for us and ensures the continued safety of our residents,” says Stefan Magnusson, Head of Operations and Maintenance of Street Lighting for Kungsbacka.

“Adaptable lighting has become a hot topic because of the enormous difference between the more or less constant lighting which most streets have today and the actual need for that lighting. LumenRadio has come up with a solution for this in the form of AirGlow,” says Niclas Norlén, Head of Product & Development for Smart Cities at LumenRadio

Many switching to LED are missing out on more energy-efficient solutions

Many municipalities are in the process of swapping out old high-pressure sodium bulbs for LED lights since LED uses half as much energy.

Kungsbacka was intending to do the same, but after a LumenRadio webinar about wireless adaptable lighting, Stefan decided to test out the technology.

”With LumenRadio’s solution we have reduced energy consumption of LED fittings by an additional 50%. Working with LumenRadio has really opened our eyes. Now we are testing a whole host of technologies in relatively small areas, but our goal is of course to scale this up,” adds Stefan.

Not just an issue for municipalities – the whole of society is affected

As well as replacing their older sodium lamps with LEDs, many municipalities are choosing to reduce the strength of their street lights during certain periods of the day or turn them off altogether. Typically residents would tend to fear an increase in crime as a result of less lighting, but not in this case.

“The area where we have installed LumenRadio’s technology has worked so well – the fact that we haven’t had a single comment from our residents is a good sign. At the entrance to the main road, the lamps are always lit. The subsequent lamps then become brighter as you approach them to create a safe and inviting place to live,” says Stefan.

“Wireless control of street lighting is still very new and is not yet a given but the more conversations I have with people on the topic, the more intrigued I become. It’s just as much about potential energy savings as it is about creating safe places to live,” concludes Stefan.

The project in brief

Postgardsvagen in Kungsbacka is a small residential area with about 50 homes and 30 street lamps.

  • 29 50W high-pressure sodium bulbs were replaced with the same amount of Strihl Orion 32W LED bulbs.
  • 29 AirGlows (lighting control) with TE Connectivity Lumawise PIR sensors.
  • Quick and simple installation via Zhaga Book 18 socket.
  • Estimated energy saving: around an additional 50% reduction in energy consumption compared to LED lamps without control.
  • Additional: a single cost for the purchase of AirGlow and sensors and no recurring fees.

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