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Wireless tech provides cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting control

AirGlow outdoor lighting control is making an impact in Slovenia where it is being used at a bike park to save on electricity and keep the area safely lit.

In 2022 a new pump track cycle park was opened in the central Slovenian municipality of Litija.

A pump track is a special type of BMX track with lots of banks and turns designed to be ridden without pedaling. Instead riders generate momentum by moving their body up and down – or in other words, “pumping”.

Litija pump track with AirGlow wireless lighting control

The cycle park has a riding area of 1,000m2, making it one of the largest in the region. Domestic lighting manufacturer MT-LIGHT.SI was entrusted with the track lighting project. The key was to find a solution which was a smart, simple and cost-effective investment for the customer, allowing them to keep the park open later into the evening despite the rising energy costs. With AirGlow wireless lighting control installed, LED luminaires dim down to 10% when the park closes, significantly cutting power consumption, while still maintaining a minimum security lighting level.

Speed and simplicity of installation

“We chose AirGlow because it provides a very easy learning curve for electrical installers and it is easy to operate,” explains Denis Vavtar, Sales Project  Manager at MT-LIGHT, responsible for the pump track lighting project. “LumenRadio’s products have an advantage over the competition because they are a one-time investment with no recurring costs.”

“This technology beats all the competition in terms of price and reliability”

“The customer was pleased with the fast delivery and easy implementation,” adds Denis. “AirGlow generates additional savings on electricity for the customer and at the same time enables LED luminaires to be easily reprogrammed to a different mode of operation.”

“We are extremely proud of this project as it opens the door for the application of AirGlow nodes for the rest of the LED public lighting in this municipality,” concludes Denis. “This technology beats all the competition in terms of price and reliability.”

Benefits of AirGlow

  • Energy savings
  • User-friendly application and system
  • One-time investment and no recurring costs
  • No compromise on safety

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