TROX launches RadioDuct with wireless integrated technology by LumenRadio

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) have traditionally been connected by wiring that is costly to install and difficult to adapt as needs change. TROX is one of the first German companies to provide wireless solutions that massively reduce installation and maintenance costs and are vastly more flexible for future building refittings. 

As Germany’s largest manufacturer in the HVAC sector, TROX serves a global customer base, offering total ecosystems for hospitals, schools, and large apartment buildings. Using LumenRadio’s patented technology, TROX has now introduced RadioDuct to its extensive product line. With this product, the company is spearheading wireless solutions for HVAC systems.

As retrofitting and refurbishment are growth areas in the construction sector, the limitations of wire-connected HVAC systems become more apparent. Adapting wired networks involves labor-intensive work, causing costly downtime for businesses and services. As well as reducing installation costs, wireless systems are easily maintained and adapted to the ever-changing requirements of modern commercial spaces.

In 2018, TROX and LumenRadio began collaborating aiming to create smarter HVAC systems that reduce installation time and make the cable redundant. After four years of pioneering development, RadioDuct is the first product to use radio signals sent through air ducts to manage air quality in commercial buildings. This method enables long-range connectivity and avoids interference.  


TROX Radioduct

One fundamental objective of the project is to match or exceed the functionality and stability of traditionally wired systems. Using a wireless mesh network, each element in the RadioDuct system acts as a transmitter and receiver. This allows data to pass through the network via many routes and get around obstacles that might obstruct the path of wireless signals. This is especially important when retrofitting buildings with massive steel structures.

MiraOS, LumenRadio’s proprietary protocol, ensures the speed and reliability of data transmission. The system allows for the creation of large networks that avoid interference in buildings with extensive WiFi and mobile communication traffic. With LumenRadios’s patented Cognitive Coexistence technology, MiraOS networks constantly seek connections that bypass disturbance from parallel data systems. The flexibility and reliability of MiraOS technology is one of the primary reasons Trox sought the company’s involvement.

The RadioDuct system also takes advantage of Concurrent Bluetooth, a feature developed by LumenRadio for over-the-air firmware updates via smartphone.

“LumenRadio’s unique wireless technology allows us to offer next-generation solutions to our customers. With RadioDuct we are leading the HVAC industry in future-proofed networks that significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs”

Dennis Wiesner, Head Product Developer, TROX

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