Mar 13, 2023 IN News

LumenRadio launches DIN rail for wireless Modbus and wireless BACnet

LumenRadio introduces DIN rail to the product family of Wireless Modbus and Wireless BACnet. The new offer targets new customers and adds value to a wide range of industries in need of extended connectivity.

With LumenRadio’s proven cable replacement products within Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP we now add another form factor to the family. The DIN rail unit, easily mounted with a clip-on next to a controller unit in a cabinet as well as an outdoor casing adding the possibility for an external antenna to get ultra-long range. It can significantly reduce the overall amount of wiring and cabinet space needed, and offers a neat and well-organized cabinet, which is better for maintenance access.

DIN rail provides for a fit-for-purpose usage for wireless communication within the Solar installations market, as well as a perfect solution for wireless control of load balancing in an Electric Vehicle charging network. The DIN rail product also widens LumenRadio’s offer within wireless building automation. 

LumenRadio’s product family of W-Modbus and W-BACnet now consists of three added value products; the wall mount, the wall mount PRO as well as the DIN rail. You can mix and match within your building to fit your needs. The DIN rail unit goes perfectly next to your controller unit while the Wall mount PRO is the perfect choice when you want to connect up to 4 devices next to each outer.

“Our customers have asked for a DIN rail mounting since day one of our popular W-Modbus and W-BACnet products. I am thrilled to today release this product to the market to support the ongoing transition into smart building to support energy efficiency projects as well as offer a product fit-for purpose to photovoltaic installations as well as load balancing for charging poles” says Carl von Rosen, Product Manager at LumenRadio.

The W-Modbus and W-BACnet DIN rail products will be showcased at the ISH trade show and will be ready to ship in the beginning of April.
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