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The new W-BACnet from LumenRadio – an unparalleled wireless BACnet solution driving cost- and time savings for building automation

LumenRadio, Wireless HVAC & Building Automation technology expert, launches W-BACnet at the AHR expo. W-BACnet replaces the BACnet cable with reliable wireless mesh technology eliminating time-consuming installation planning, cabling, daisy-chaining and troubleshooting. 

Maintained standardization and interoperability

LumenRadio’s ultra-reliable wireless technology, MiraMesh, enables the creation of wireless BACnet mesh networks that maintain the standardization and interoperability of the BACnet protocol. This is achieved by embedding the BACnet frames and utilizing the smart routing of MiraMesh to make sure that the BACnet device that needs the frame will get it. Optimising the routing makes it possible to transmit the BACnet protocol wirelessly.

The result by combining our BACnet solution and MiraMesh is a wireless solution with unprecedented performance and reliability. 

By converting the BACnet frames into MiraMesh, it is possible to transmit the BACnet protocol wirelessly with low latency resulting in a wireless solution with unprecedented performance and reliability.  

Through patented technologies for coexistence, W-BACnet operates without causing interference or being interfered by other systems in the building.

Easy retrofitting through wireless flexibility

BACnet is one of the most commonly used protocols for commercial buildings today. The new wireless solution from LumenRadio offers an unmatched flexibility – especially for retrofitting projects where renewal of cabled installations quickly drives both complexity and cost. With W-BACnet, it is easy to retrofit connectivity to already installed devices, instantaneously converting individually siloed devices to a wireless network. The W-BACnet solution is compatible with any BACnet MS/TP product making it possible to make any MS/TP device, regardless of application, wireless.

“It’s easier to implement smart building systems and devices in a new building, but the opposite is true for retrofitting. Unlike greenfields, brownfields pose challenges like running cables and tearing down infrastructure for existing and new devices alike. By developing W-BACnet and W-Modbus, we are helping the unconnected become connected at a fraction of the cost.” says Maciej Oldziej, Sales Director North America.

Replacing cabled installations with wireless solutions in brownfield projects is key for more sustainable building automation, from a material as well as energy consumption perspective. One can say that the greenest building is brown.

Instant installation saves time and money

Eliminating hassle caused by cables is a matter of the heart for LumenRadio. Wireless technology heavily reduces time-consuming work related to planning, installation and troubleshooting.

Erik Orrskog, Business Area Manager HVAC & Building Automation at LumenRadio, says: “With a product like W-BACnet, installers can complete their jobs much quicker, which at the end of the day means that you can save money and complete projects on time. The main goal for us has been to make a product that will help installers in their day-to-day work and reduce the time needed for cabling and trouble-shooting.”

Reduce cable runs

LumenRadio is focused on perfecting wireless technology and replacing cables within Building Automation and other industries. Earlier this year they launched W-Modbus ​​and with W-BACnet they now extend their wireless portfolio offering for commercial buildings to cover all or most HVAC applications.

LumenRadio’s Product Manager Daniel Hansson concludes: “We envision a future where LumenRadio has a “Wireless Without Worries” alternative to any relevant wired protocol. Launching W-BACnet at AHR is a big step in this vision.”

Want to know more and see W-BACnet in action? Visit LumenRadio at AHR in Las Vegas January 31 to February 2. You find us in the Central Hall, booth C1269.

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