Nov 30, 2021 IN News / HVAC & Building Automation

LumenRadio becomes an Approved Controller by ebm-papst

LumenRadio is proudly announcing an Approved Controller partnership with ebm-papst, a world-leader within ventilation and drive technology. With a shared expertise in complex environments and critical installations with extremely high requirements and a low tolerance for failure, our two companies find common ground in ventilation within building automation.

To provide customers who wish to control EC fans with third-party products with the necessary assurance in selecting components, ebm-papst partners with selected control system manufacturers. Their “Approved Controller” label is a mark for full compatibility,
securing that the combinations of GreenTech EC fans and external control systems are tested and qualified for customer benefits. LumenRadio’s wireless Modbus, enabled by the wireless mesh technology MiraMesh, has been tested and approved to control ebm-papst GreenTech EC fans.

Wireless communication technology eliminates efforts and adds flexibility

Wireless communication technology is highly beneficial for retrofitting and well-suited for integration with fans in existing buildings. By eliminating cables, you also eliminate the efforts that come with them and add flexibility. Replacing wires with wireless communication brings significant benefits without changing the existing ecosystem. Wired devices such as sensors or actuators can easily convert to wireless, increasing flexibility and cost savings during installation and steady-state operation.

With LumenRadio’s self-forming and self-healing wireless mesh technology MiraMesh, it is possible to create a wireless Modbus RTU network that maintains the standardization of the protocol. By converting the Modbus signals into MiraMesh, we can send the Modbus RTU signal wirelessly with low latency. We call this W-Modbus.

This ultra-reliable technology is the perfect fit for environments where failure is simply not acceptable, such as hospitals, labs, and other clean, bacteria-free environments with high requirements for their ventilation. One of many ways to live up to our customer promise – wireless without worries.