May 10, 2021 IN News / HVAC & Building Automation

LumenRadio announces W-Modbus, a product replacing Modbus RTU cables with wireless mesh technology

Wireless HVAC & Building Automation technology expert LumenRadio launches W-Modbus – a new product for eliminating Modbus RTU cabling in Commercial and Industrial Buildings. With extremely fast installation and easy commissioning installers can save money by avoiding running cables, minimizing pre-planning and reducing trouble-shooting. 

There is a growing demand for faster installations and layout flexibility in today’s market for commercial buildings – with tenants moving in and out more often, the layout of the building needs to adapt frequently and rapidly. W-Modbus enables faster and easier changes of the building since you no longer need to worry about the cabling. Building owners today also want to be able to control and easily manage their buildings. Smarter Buildings means more sensors, more controls and a more complex environment. Here W-Modbus is a perfect fit with no impact or interference of the existing ecosystem of the building.

W-Modbus is built on LumenRadio´s ultra-reliable operating system MiraOS. Through patented technologies the product possess unparalleled reliability and resilience towards interference, great range and can handle the toughest of installations. W-Modbus customers will also experience great range and a self-healing mesh network, which means you never have to worry about your installations during steady-state operations.

Erik Orrskog, Business Area Manager HVAC & Building Automation at LumenRadio, says:

“With a product like W-Modbus, installers can complete their jobs much quicker, which at the end of the day means that you can save money and complete projects on time. The main goal for us has been to make a product that will help installers in their day-to-day work and reduce the time needed for support and trouble-shooting.”

Fast installation and reliability are default in all LumenRadio´s products. This will save you cost, allow you to meet your deadlines and you never have to worry about your installation.

LumenRadio’s founder and Product Manager Niclas Norlén ads:

“W-Modbus is our first product in our Wireless X-Bus product portfolio. We envision a future where LumenRadio has a “Wireless Without Worries!” alternative to any relevant wired protocol, this is what the X stands for in Wireless X-Bus. Stay tuned for the launch of more cable replacement products aimed at infrastructure within Commercial and Industrial Buildings.”

For further information, please contact:

Niclas Norlén, Product Manager, LumenRadio 

+46 (0)766 27 87 28,

Erik Orrskog, Business Area Manager – HVAC & Building Automation, LumenRadio 

+46 (0)732 70 68 89