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Lower the cost- and time of installations even further with W-Modbus PRO

LumenRadio is announcing the next step for the W-Modbus solution by adding two products to the portfolio – W-Modbus PRO device and W-Modbus PRO Module. 

With LumenRadio’s W-Modbus solution it is possible to create a wireless Modbus RTU system that maintains the Modbus RTU standard. W-Modbus was launched in 2021 and now LumenRadio is launching a PRO version of both the device and the module. The new products bring the possibility to connect multiple Modbus Servers to one W-Modbus device – lowering the cost and time of installations even further – while still maintaining a low latency and a reliable connection. 

Smarter buildings = more cables? 
To take control of your building, a growing number of devices needs to be connected. Smarter Buildings means more sensors and, traditionally, it means more cables. This is a mindset we want to redefine with the W-Modbus solution – and now we are taking this one step further with the launch of the PRO products. All products within the W-Modbus solution are compatible and can be mixed in the same system, meaning the right unit can be used for the right situation.

The W-Modbus PRO can be daisy-chained with up to four Modbus Servers, giving extended flexibility during the installation. This is ideal during room installations where multiple Modbus Servers are installed in close proximity, like an air flow actuator, a temperature sensor and a occupancy sensor. These devices can now be made wireless with the installation of one W-Modbus PRO device.

Connect up to 16 Modbus Servers 
The W-Modbus PRO Module brings the same functionality but in a smaller form factor and can be integrated directly into a Modbus device. One big advantage is that the PRO Module can be connected with up to 16 (!) Modbus Servers. The W-Modbus PRO Module is designed to fit all the wireless needs of the market, and with this Module it has never been easier to make a product wireless.

The customers’ problem in focus
LumenRadio is always focused on creating an easy installation and commissioning process and the W-Modbus PRO version is built with that in mind.    

“By lowering the cost of installation even more we are now able to address a larger part of the market. With this product we are helping our customers to solve their problems out in the field and finish the projects at a faster pace.” Daniel Hansson, Product Manager

Both the W-Modbus PRO and the W-Modbus PRO Module are ready to ship.

Modbus Broadcast
LumenRadio also just released a new firmware for the W-Modbus solution, adding new functionality that makes the product more versatile and even easier to use.

Amongst the features now available is support for Modbus Broadcast, taking the W-Modbus solution closer to supporting the full Modbus RTU standard. By combining the broadcast functionality to an already reliable mesh network topology gives a recipe for success and even more, existing or new, Modbus RTU installations can go wireless. 

Every W-Modbus device can be easily updated to get the new firmware update, find how here

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