Feb 03, 2023 IN News / HVAC & Building Automation

Launching W-BACnet PRO – connecting clusters of BACnet MS/TP devices

LumenRadio announces the next step for the wireless BACnet solution by adding another product to the portfolio in connection with the AHR Expo – the W-BACnet PRO device!

With LumenRadio’s W-BACnet solution it is possible to create a wireless BACnet MS/TP system that fully conforms to the BACnet standard. After our first release of W-BACnet early last year, we are now launching W-BACnet PRO with extended capabilities. The PRO version is capable of connecting multiple downstream BACnet MS/TP devices, resulting in even further reduced cost and time of installation, while still maintaining a low latency and a reliable wireless connection.

Smarter buildings = more cables? No, no, no.

In order to take control of your buildings, a growing number of devices need to be connected. Smarter Buildings implies more sensors, more actuators, more controllers which traditionally means more cables. This is a mindset we want to redefine with the W-BACnet solution – and now we are taking this one step further with the launch of the PRO product. All products within the W-BACnet platform are compatible and can be mixed in the same network, with the right version used for the right situation.

Up to four BACnet MS/TP devices can be daisy-chained to the W-BACnet PRO product, providing additional flexibility during installations. This is ideal during room installations where multiple BACnet MS/TP devices are installed in close proximity, like a VAV actuator, a room controller, a temperature sensor and an occupancy sensor. These devices can now be made wireless with the installation of one W-BACnet PRO device. 

The customers’ problem in focus

LumenRadio is always focused on creating an easy installation and commissioning process and the W-BACnet PRO version is built with that in mind.

“By lowering the cost of installation even more, we are now ready to address an even larger part of the market – including new constructions, where in-room cabling is less of a challenge but where the longer cable runs still should be avoided. With this product we are helping our customers to solve their problems out in the field and finish their projects on time.” says Carl von Rosen, Product Manager at LumenRadio.

The W-BACnet PRO is currently entering production and will be ready to ship in connection with the AHR Expo 2023.