May 04, 2022 IN Insights / Street Lighting

The DALI commissioning tool enables tunable white and RGBWA configuration straight from your phone

Imagine an innovative wireless DALI lighting control solution and add an easy-to-use and intuitive installation and control app – the result is AirGlow and now we are adding even more simplicity with a DALI commissioning tool and the color picker. Wireless Without Worries has never been easier. 

Here at LumenRadio we always strive for making complicated things a bit easier. We started back in 2008 by offering professional DMX users within the entertainment and architectural lighting industries the option to control fixtures wirelessly. The result? No cables, no worries!

Over a decade later, and still using the same ”let’s-make-complicated-things-a-bit-easier” type of mindset, we launched AirGlow, our new and innovative wireless DALI lighting control solution meant for outdoor lighting. With AirGlow, together with our free-to-use installation and control app, we wanted to make it the most reliable, easy-to-use and intuitive wireless DALI solution on the market. The result so far? No cables, no worries!

With the AirGlow installation and control app already getting raving reviews from customers about being easy to use, we are happy to announce the release of some additional features to take it one step closer to perfection.

The latest (and patent pending) addition to the app is our DALI commissioning tool that makes color settings on the driver super easy. By just using the app you can now do tunable white and RGBWA configuration straight from your phone. No need for a computer, USB-dongle or getting inside the fixture to use the NFC. That’s what we call simple!

Communication and resetting the DALI addresses takes 10-15s.

Configuring the drivers with the right DALI group addresses (see picture 1) is done both in a logical and in a very short time. Also, to make sure you have done your configuration in the right way you can also use the ”Test Light Channels”  function (picture 2) available inside the app.

Another nice feature just being released is our color picker where you are able to either use the color wheel or set the color code of choice with the HSV options. Simultaneously, as you move the cursor or change any HSV number you will get instant color feedback from the fixture/-s.

With the easy to use color picker and HSV settings you are up and running in seconds.


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