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How AirGlow from LumenRadio can be a solution to light pollution – an increasing problem for humans, wildlife and climate

Artificial light can have many positive effects – it increases our effective hours and helps us become more productive, it’s artistically and aesthetically creating wonderful experiences and moments of joy and it increases safety and helps us feel more secure outdoors during the dark hours. But, even light itself has its dark sides. With more light comes more light pollution – various side effects that can have direct negative impact on humans, wildlife and climate. For outdoor light pollution, LumenRadio can offer a solution that helps ease the harm: AirGlow wireless outdoor lighting control.

There’s not a doubt that LumenRadio has a passion for light. Sprung from the entertainment lighting industry, we know everything about wireless lighting control and most of what’s worth to know about light. But while loving light, we’re also aware about the negative effects it can have and want to contribute to less light pollution in outdoor spaces.

The only constant is change – stay in control

There’s nothing as natural as shifts between night and day, sunshine or rain. But with an ever-changing world comes ever-changing surrounding conditions. Cities expand, with new or refurbished streets, buildings, parking lots, walkways, sports arenas of various sizes for a wide range of activities, parks… the different outdoor environments requiring lighting solutions are countless. And one thing we can be sure of – sooner or later, they will change again. Wireless lighting control solutions from LumenRadio offers flexibility through change, without the hassle of cables that need to be installed, moved or removed. Solutions that will help you stay in control through change – no matter if it’s caused by mother nature or by humans.

French progressiveness leads the way for new environmental laws

Well-lit outdoor spaces is a necessity to ensure an environment where people feel safe no matter the time of the day or night. But while humans tend to prefer streetlights in the night-time, wild animals suffer from artificial light disturbing their circadian rhythm and causing confusion on what kind of light it is that they’re experiencing. Light pollution can be a real trouble-maker for nocturnal animals.

Indeed, certain wavelengths affect certain animals at different times of the day, therefore it’s important to study the local environment and choose not only the colour intensity but also the exact colour temperature that the wildlife need at dusk or later in the evening. From feeding, socialising or building nests, animals and insects are dependent on the correct light conditions during the year.

The awareness of the negative effects of light pollution is increasing and more and more countries are implementing new laws stating clear regulations and requirements of outdoor light – both for the physical installation and running operations. One of the most progressive countries leading this development is France, where a new law is being implemented since 2019, with the requirement of mandatory fulfillment from 2025. The “Decree of 27 December 2018 on the prevention, reduction and limitation of light pollution” establishes policies that contain several prescriptions that apply to various lighting applications, from parks and gardens to building exteriors and parking facilities.

Leading by example

With LumenRadio’s wireless outdoor lighting control system AirGlow, it’s easier than ever to control the light with the best for both humans, wildlife and climate in mind. Time-scheduling, night dim and presence detection are some examples of how to let light to work in favor of all. 

One French example of action is a shopping centre in Melun, not far from Paris. They asked landscape lighting designers and lighting manufacturer Le Studio LED to change the HPS luminaires at their parking lot into economical and ecological LED lighting. Le Studio LED chose LumenRadio’s AirGlow to allow quick and easy programming of the new LED streetlights. With the AirGlow solution, Le Studio LED has lowered power consumption and reduced light pollution at night.

Parking lot at Bois Sénart shopping center in Paris

Increase awareness about light control solutions

As a part of making AirGlow accessible to a wider audience for potential light pollution-reducing installations in France, LumenRadio has joined Cluster Lumière – a French network for lighting solutions and experts. They work to improve the human light environment, develop innovative lighting solutions that are intelligent and eco-efficient and promote quality lighting installations.

“France is one of the leaders when it comes to human- wildlife- and environmental-friendly lighting regulations and since LumenRadio has a product that can make a real change in outdoor lighting control, it’s a natural choice for us to be part of Cluster Lumière to spread the word” says Stephen Dunk, Regional Sales Manager for AirGlow at LumenRadio.

“Not only is AirGlow a perfect solution to control and reduce light pollution, but it also helps reduce cost, trouble-shooting and maintenance during both installation and running operations thanks to the wireless network compares to cabled control solutions.”


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