CRMX returns to Jurassic World

LumenRadio once again shows why it’s the leading brand of wireless DMX with its CRMX technology. As the go-to technology for wireless DMX within the feature film and TV industry, CRMX has returned to Isla Nublar to help save the remaining dinosaurs that were left behind.

In the recently premiered blockbuster film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, LumenRadio’s CRMX technology played an important role. The CRMX technology was used to control ARRI Skylink fixtures throughout the sets and once again LumenRadio showed why its technology is used by all major lighting manufacturers in the film industry. Quite simply, it’s the only technology that can be used in the most challenging film set enivronments.

From the set in Hawaii

Large parts of the movie were shot in the jungles of Hawaii where Lighting Console programmer Richard Rasmusen relied on the wireless DMX system from LumenRadio to save time – and money – for the production. When creating special effects in the jungle, running a control cable is simply not an option, so turning to wireless DMX from LumenRadio was the logical choice.

They used a multitude of wireless receivers scattered throughout the jungle for easy access to DMX wherever needed. Through the ever-changing Hawaiian weather conditions, LumenRadio products worked flawlessly.

“We have been the de-facto standard used for wireless control in this industry for quite some time now,” explains Michael Karlsson, R&D Manager at LumenRadio. “There are simply no other options that can deal with all the disturbances in the air on a busy set. Reliability is essential here. If it doesn’t work, the clock is running. And time means money.