Wireless DMX is a hit in Hollywood

Hollywood based Innovative Dimmers provides equipment which is expertly tailored for the unique requirements of entertainment lighting professionals. All products in the Innovative Dimmers product line are available with wireless DMX control using LumenRadio’s industry leading CRMX technology.

Innovative Dimmers have been leading the wireless revolution in Hollywood with their wireless RatPac dimmers. The most recent addition to the Innovative product line is the compact and easy to use Cintenna receiver which plugs directly into a lighting fixture without extra hardware, zip ties or cables. The Cintennas have shown themselves to be extremely versatile and have rapidly become the go-to tool for Hollywood professionals.

“We are really excited about our partnership with Innovative Dimmers. With their revolutionary products and a keen ear for what the users want, they have really helped us become the leading wireless DMX provider in film and TV. We are very proud to have them onboard as a partner and are looking forward to more great products bearing the Innovative Dimmers brand,” says Josef Hederström, Saels Manager at LumenRadio

”We used LumenRadio products extensively on “Gone Girl” and “Fantastic Four” as part of our DMX distribution system. They were indispensable. Since the introduction of the Innovative Cintenna we have used them exclusively in conjunction with the Arri Skypanel and L-series units. They have changed the way we work for the better. Such a great product.”

Erik Messerschmidt, Chief Lighting Technician

“I have been using RatPac products made by Innovative Dimmers for several years now and the LumenRadio technology has proven to be very beneficial for my work and our production world. We have been using their RatPacs, Wireless stand-alone dimmers and the Cintennas with great success. I continue to expand our wireless product inventory because of the ease, reliability and functionality. The RatPac products have been such a valuable resource on our previous film and TV projects – Pitch Perfect 2, Trumbo, Free State of Jones, the Roots mini-series and Bad Moms – that I can’t imagine doing a show without them in the future.”

Bob Bates, Cinesouth Lighting