Jul 05, 2023 IN News

Transforming the industry of entertainment lighting together with our OEM partners

The demand for LumenRadio’s Wireless DMX for professional lighting has been growing over the years and today it is recognized as the de-facto market standard. Its success of very much owed to our close OEM collaboration so it’s straight A’s for three of our premium OEM’s: Astera, ARRI and Aputure.

Astera – dedication to wireless

Astera is known world-wide for their high-quality lighting products. With the input from customers they continuously develop products that help professionals express their creativity. Today Astera’s product line is proudly presented as 100% wireless – powered by LumenRadio’s Wireless DMX since 2015.

LumenRadio is simply the most reliable wireless DMX system, that is why we chose LumenRadio

Sebastian Bueckle, Sales and Marketing Director at Astera.

ARRI – defining the standard in motion picture lighting

ARRI is a global product manufacturer of camera equipment, lighting and professional accessories for the motion picture, broadcast, theater, and photographic industries.

It was back in 2017 that ARRI released its first product with integrated LumenRadio technology. Since then LumenRadio and ARRI have solved countless challenges together. The addition of LumenRadio’s patented technology has allowed for a more flexible and efficient setup and workflow.

Since our first meeting, LumenRadio has proven its capabilities in all areas of the business. Their reliable project management, accurate application support, and technologies, but most of all, their great spirit and mindset helped to turn our previous customer-supplier relationship into real, sustainable cooperation between our companies

Florian Bloch, Head of Product Management at ARRI Lighting

Aputure – thriving with the integration of Wireless DMX 

Aputure is one of the fastest growing lighting manufacturers in the film & broadcasting industry today. Back in 2020, cooperation with LumenRadio began as Aputure was looking to meet the needs of professional users by enhancing their products with Wireless DMX. The integration of the TimoTwo radio module proved to be a success and since then, Aputure has continued releasing professional fixtures with integrated Wireless DMX.

The cooperation with LumenRadio has been a key factor for us to take the position as a premium fixture manufacturer. Today our products are used by the most prominent production and streaming companies in the business, such as Netflix, Paramount and Universal Pictures. We have transformed the movie industry thanks to LumenRadio’s technology

Brandon Lee, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Aputure

LumenRadio – the de-facto standard for Wireless DMX

LumenRadio has 80 (2022) OEM customers across our business areas Smart Cities and Lighting, Building Automation, and Industrial Control Systems. Step by step we are helping our customers to overcome their challenges and transform the industry to become #WirelessWithoutWorries.