Swegon optimizes indoor environment with integrated wireless technology from LumenRadio

Økern Portal is a BREEAM certified commercial building aimed to be a place to gather and to meet – built to be smart, efficient and green. The construction of Økern Portal was completed in 2021 and over 80,000 square meters of sustainable thinking is now welcoming a variety of companies as well as the local community on Økern in Oslo.

The building contains a mix of flexible offices, restaurants, hotels and everyday amenities, as well as sports and wellness facilities, indoor and outdoor greenery. This BREEAM certified commercial building is aimed to be a place to gather and to meet – it is built to be smart, efficient and green. It is not only appealing to its visitors in terms of its modern and attractive design, but also in terms of its care for people’s well-being.

We spend about 90% of our lives indoors – so knowing that good indoor environmental quality, performance/productivity and wellness go hand in hand, Økern Portal has paid particular attention to the indoor climate of its facilities. Swegon’s wireless demand-controlled indoor climate system WISE monitor and adjust the indoor climate accordingly to varying levels of activity and occupancy throughout the space, and throughout the day.


WISE is built on LumenRadio’s unique, patented solution MiraMesh – handling all communication between room, zone and floor units across the whole facility. By creating an ultra-reliable wireless mesh – sensors, dampers, chilled beams, controllers, etc. are brought together in one network, all sharing and contributing to the infrastructure and hence improving the overall robustness of the communication.

“Huge projects like Økern Portal prove the scalability of WISE and of the underlying technology from LumenRadio. We can also easily cope with the many changes occurring throughout such a large and complex project, thanks to the flexibility provided by having a wireless solution.”

Caroline Jacobsson, Business Development Manager, Swegon

“I have not had to relate to anything other than that it works. The building was actually smarter at handover than it was intended to be, and it will continue to be so.”

Torstein Blumer, Project Manager at Vedal, when asked about the WISE system from Swegon

The “BREEAM Excellent” certification of Økern Portal gives both a credible and competitive description of the facilities as its qualification is dependent on sustainability over time, saving of natural resources and attention to wellbeing of the ones living, working and experiencing the building.

Certifications such as BREEAM, LEED and WELL are with separate approaches driving the development in energy efficiency and cost-savings, human health and wellbeing in the real estate market. It is proven that certified properties, with a long-term sustainable environmental and health perspective, have clear competitive advantages – an 11% increase in property value has been estimated.

Learn more about the WISE system from Swegon and how it could help you improve your indoor environment as well as improve your building energy efficiency. Below you find Swegons film from Økern Portal.

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