Retrofitting a heating system is made simple with wireless Modbus technology

New technology and innovative solutions are of great interest for Hungarian building automation specialists, SmartNode. The contract to update a heating system became the perfect project for evaluating LumenRadio’s wireless Modbus solution.  

When upgrading an existing heating system in a family house, SmartNode Ltd used LumenRadio’s W-Modbus instead of a cable, significantly reducing installation costs and saving time. 

SmartNode Ltd. focuses on building automation, and energy and environmental monitoring systems. It also provides components, expertise and full support for the implementation of building management systems.

When modernizing an existing heating system in a detached house in Debrecen, in the eastern part of Hungary, SmartNode’s challenge was to eliminate the need for several meters of cable. A gas boiler, an air-to-water heat pump and a control system were added to the existing set-up and all these units needed to communicate with the heat pump. Since the pump was located externally, connecting it with the boiler and control systems would have required 20 meters of Modbus cable. With W-Modbus this was not necessary.

The solution was to connect a LumenRadio W-Modus unit to the heat pump and position another W-Modbus unit in the electrical cabinet in the basement of the building. The installation and connection between the W-Modbus devices was completed quickly and without any problems, and a seamless data connection was established between the control system and the heat pump. 

By eliminating problematic cabling, SmartNode offered a successful modernisation saving both time and money.

“I was impressed by how quickly we could help the customer and how easy and stable the solution is. This was the first project of many to come,” says László Krucsó, Technical Sales Engineer at SmartNode.

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