Jan 19, 2024 IN News / HVAC & Building Automation

New apps for Wireless Modbus and Wireless BACnet give more control to users

LumenRadio has released a two brand-new apps for users of W-Modbus and W-BACnet products to make monitoring and maintenance of building automation systems quicker and easier.

“The apps are a great time-saver for our customers,” says Carl von Rosen Johansson, Product Development Manager at LumenRadio. “It’s now possible for them to remotely monitor and quickly run a check on their installation via their smartphone or tablet. They can also update the firmware on W-Modbus and W-BACnet devices via the apps.”

Customers can use the app to:

  • Access the network map for a system overview to see signal strength and edit names of wireless nodes.
  • Check the health of the RS485 bus including which BACnet MS/TP address that is connected to that wireless node.
  • Connect to any node in the network and change their name.
  • Upgrade firmware for LumenRadio W-BACnet / W-Modbus devices by connecting to and upgrading the LumenRadio Gateway in the network.

Available in the App Store for Apple devices and on Google Play for Android devices, customers can download the apps today:

W-BACnet Download from App Store | Download from Google Play

W-Modbus Download from App Store | Download from Google Play

You will need to update your LumenRadio W-BACnet / W-Modbus device to 3.2.0 for all functions in the app to be available.