Jul 10, 2018 IN News

New additions to the Lumen team

Nerds will rule the earth | This year LumenRadio celebrates 10 years, and it’s only fitting that our staff is growing as the company ages – with 10 new employees, nonetheless.

Since the beginning of this year, our team of talents has grown with 10 new members and one new office in Germany. We’ve expanded in all corners of the company; from sales and marketing to research and development, with the latter experiencing the biggest growth. As we always aim to improve our offer and development of our technology, it’s of high importance to have a big and strong team working in research and development.

“Working on new patents and innovations, along with applying these to our customers needs requires many dedicated co-workers and we are happy that our R&D staff has grown with many new talents.

says Michael Karlsson, R&D Manager.

There is more to come

The expansion is not over, the LumenRadio team will keep on growing and welcoming new members around the world.

Michael continues: It could be interesting to start up an office abroad, solely for development. The technology industry is moving forward in a rapid pace and so must we if we want to continue to be front-runners in the field”

The LumenRadio team looks forward to a productive and innovative time to come with our new curious and passionate members. As one of our colleagues once said; Nerds will rule the earth!