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MiraOS release 2.4: Getting started with wireless mesh products has never been easier

With LumenRadio’s new release of MiraOS – their operating system for reliable wireless connectivity – they take a new step towards providing more options and a quicker time to market for customers, resulting in a smoother development process for products based on MiraOS. 

LumenRadio´s focus is to develop the most resilient and Future-Proof connectivity solution on the market, but their vision is also to make it easier for development teams to implement wireless technology into their products, something that is clearly shown in the new 2.4 version of MiraOS. 

Unique features in MiraOS 2.4

  • Stand-alone MiraMeshUse the ultra-reliable mesh technology with MiraOS or with any other operating system of preference
  • Universal Radio Protocol Time-Sharing Run any radio protocol concurrent with MiraMesh, leveraging the same physical layer
  • Link Local Multicast Multicast that can be optimized for data thirsty or ultra-low energy products

Adding to above unique features, LumenRadio has also made a lot of performance improvements, taking the reliability of MiraOS and MiraMesh to the next level.

“We develop technology with knockout performance, but also want to deliver an optimal user experience. Not only for the end user, but also for the developers developing the products and those who will install and commission the product. With MiraOS 2.4 we continue the focus on perfecting the technology and also simplifying the usage”, says Niclas Norlén, CTO of LumenRadio.

Stand-alone MiraMesh 

For customers who have made major investments into application code, running other operating systems than MiraOS, it can be a quite costly and long process to port already developed product software to a new operating system. The stand-alone MiraMesh feature will yield a quicker time to market for those customers, while still allowing them to migrate to MiraOS over time. The MiraMesh stack can be used with several other operating systems such as FreeRTOS, Zephyr, etc. MiraMesh can also be run bare metal.

“Our operating system MiraOS is built in a modularized way and the internal, code-based structure has facilitated the process of separating the MiraMesh stack and making it interoperable in other companies’ software ecosystems” – Max Sikström, Software Engineer at LumenRadio.

Universal Radio Protocol Time-Sharing

Last year LumenRadio released its Concurrent Bluetooth feature – now MiraOS 2.4 has been further extended with Universal Radio Protocol Time-Sharing, enabling MiraOS to run any radio protocol concurrently with MiraMesh. This enables the possibility of interactions between the wireless product and other devices through e.g. Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth Mesh, at the same time as the MiraMesh network is kept fully operational, opening up for new functions and possibilities.

Link Local Multicast 

Link Local Multicast is an efficient method for mass distribution of data, independent if it is used for light controls or ultra-low power sensors running on batteries for predictive maintenance. And through a new API, the customers have the possibility to optimize and balance data throughput and current consumption.

Wireless Without Worries

Implementing wireless technology has earlier been seen as a daunting project. With MiraOS 2.4 LumenRadio starts a new chapter regarding user experience, both for developers and end users of their wireless technology, further delivering on their promise of Wireless Without Worries.

For further information, please contact:
Niclas Norlén, CTO, LumenRadio +46 766 27 87 28

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