Apr 13, 2021 IN News

Mira release 2.6: Opening the “black box” - making complex IoT systems easy to monitor and understand

Today LumenRadio releases version 2.6 of Mira – their ultra-reliable, low power wireless mesh stack – with new features and improvements focusing on usability, management and debugging capabilities. 

Distributed and embedded systems are very hard to manage and debug, and a wireless mesh system is by no means an exception to that rule. This is a challenge for anyone in the IoT space, and there are a lot of concerns about complex systems being “black boxes”. With Mira, version 2.6, users will have the tools necessary to create network health monitoring services, extract more detailed debug information and generally get a better understanding of what’s actually happening in the mesh.

“I’m really excited about 2.6! With this release we’re giving our users important tools in understanding how a Mira network is behaving, and opening the lid to that “black box”. Being able to visualise the network, and make informed choices based on real data gives our customers new possibilities in developing their offer.” says Johannes Arvidsson, Product Owner of Mira.

Tools for visualisation

To facilitate new ways of visualizing and understanding Mira networks a set of monitoring APIs have been introduced. They introduce the following data points:

  • Full mesh topology data
  • Data about neighbouring nodes within radio range, for every node
  • Packet statistics, for every node

This information can be used to paint a detailed picture about how the Mira mesh network is behaving. One could visualize how data is flowing in the network, highlight throughput hotspots and monitor routing redundancy and risk of bottlenecks.

Rebuild networks in seconds

Another key feature is a new root node startup behaviour, which reduces network rebuild times down to seconds and enables Mira networks to handle gateway maintenance and power outages much more efficiently and gracefully than before.

Johannes Arvidsson again: “The root reboot feature really is the ribbon on top of this release. Slashing the rebuild time to seconds is very impressive and satisfying! And achieving that by exploiting what usually is a weakness in distributed systems – that actors are unaware of their neighbours state changes – is devilishly clever, in my maybe not so humble opinion”.

For more information contact:

Johannes Arvidsson, Product Owner at LumenRadio

+46 (0)766 36 63 99


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