Nov 01, 2019 IN News

Maciej Oldziej - LumenRadio’s first Boston recruit

During 2020, LumenRadio will start working even harder on positioning our Mira IoT offer on the US market. To help us do so, we have recruited Maciej Oldziej – a master of sales. Based in Boston, Maciej will help us expand our market position and our driven US team, characterized by the LumenRadio humble swagger.

5 quick questions – get to know Maciej

What made you interested in LumenRadio?
“One does not simply pass on a company whose technology is a staple in all major Hollywood and Netflix productions! On a serious note, I was intrigued by LumenRadio’s achievements and future aspirations. Uniquely positioned as Hollywood’s and professional wireless controls standard, with their sights set on the broader IoT market. A limited glimpse into the company culture was sufficient to convince me that this was a tribe of intelligent, driven, and humble people – I was right.”


What about LumenRadio’s technology do you find most interesting?
“Cognitive Coexistence. It is fascinating that our adaptive frequency technology scans RF channels every 10 ms identifying in real-time the best network links, building a predictive model to avoid congested channels and future interferences. Did someone say future-proof?”


Where in the US will you be based?
“I reside in Boston, Massachusetts, where we will open our first US-based office. Boston is strategic to our plans, gaining access to premier talent-pool and close vicinity to our IoT customers. With Massachusetts at the forefront of IoT and wireless connectivity regulation, we ensure that we maintain current and future requirements.”


What do you look forward to accomplish on the US market?
“There’s a long laundry list of goals and objectives that we are aiming to achieve in 2020. I am excited to position LumenRadio as a household wireless connectivity, tech brand with all the large HVAC, building automation, and industrial OEMs. Actively engaged with many of them, we have just scratched the surface of the US OEM IoT market.”


Is there any upcoming opportunity to meet up with you?
“Yes! I will be present at two upcoming Boston-based IoT events. First, Industry of Things World East on November 7th and 8th. Second, Boston IoT & Smart Hardware Showcase on November 21st hosted by Hardware Pioneers. 

I enjoy meeting new people and am always open to a cup of coffee. If you’re ever in Boston, feel welcomed to drop me a line – the first one’s on me!” 

Want to get in touch with Maciej?


Phone: +1 (617) 650-2651