May 04, 2021 IN News / Street Lighting

LumenRadio’s Wireless DALI Lighting Controller is now D4i Certified

LumenRadio continues it’s excellence in wireless innovation with AirGlow, a smart outdoor lighting control solution that has recently passed D4i certification. It boasts unique features and benefits not previously seen in the outdoor lighting control segment. It offers improved range, unparalleled reliability, and easy commissioning. 

With AirGlow meeting parts 351, 101 and 103 certification requirements, LumenRadio addresses the growing demand for D4i certified lighting control products. Combined with patented MiraMesh wireless communication technology, the AirGlow encompasses standardization and superior performance, bringing the best of both worlds to the market. AirGlow has no hidden fees and with a quick time-to-market, AirGlow is the obvious IoT ready outdoor wireless lighting control solution for manufacturers and end users alike.

LumenRadio has extensive experience with radio communication and wireless light controls. The need for AirGlow’s standardization with D4i and Zhaga was evident.

Niclas Norlén, Product Manager Lighting, LumenRadio says:

“We are really excited about the D4i certification of AirGlow. To pass certification is a milestone and we are happy to join a few select products that have achieved this status. As for the AirGlow product itself, we are continuing development and already have some nice, and sought after, additional functionalities and updates that we will be launching soon.”

Unique features

One of the most common problems with existing lighting control solutions is dramatically reduced communication range in rain, snow, fog and heavy vegetation environments. Many solutions also experience reduced functionality due to interference from other wireless networks.

By using LumenRadio’s patented MiraMesh communication protocol, the AirGlow has the ability to coexist with other networks and provide unparalleled connectivity range. With a communication range of 1500 meters between two nodes, easy commissioning through an app and unique features such as 6 channel DT6 capability combined with  the D4i certification, AirGlow is the most reliable and easy to use outdoor lighting control solution available on the market. 

Robert Larsson, Business Area Manager Lighting at LumenRadio, says: 

“The D4i certification of AirGlow is an important stepping stone as we continue to roll out AirGlow across the world. With the certification in place we are now accelerating our sales efforts, expanding our sales team to cover more regions in order to even better serve our customers. The initial response to AirGlow has been an overwhelming success, mainly because the market has been waiting for a product that brings both superior reliability and range but is yet easy to install and commission. We look forward to bringing the AirGlow solution to more markets and customers in the near future”

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