Apr 04, 2018 IN News / Private: Connected Lighting

LumenRadio's technology enables smart building emergency and evacuation lighting

Wireless technology provider LumenRadio, developers of Future-Proof Coexistence Connectivity, announces that emergency lighting manufacturer Ledolight has chosen to use LumenRadio’s reliable wireless network system Mira for its new, connected emergency signage and lighting system.

Ledolight’s system, called LedoWireless, uses a mesh network which creates an extremely robust network that doesn’t require any expensive extenders, cables or other existing networks, which in turn ensures that LedoWireless always works regardless of how congested a building’s radio environment is.

The LumenRadio enabled LedoWireless lighting system replaces the previously manual task of checking and performing maintenance on each and every lighting fixture, with a single “point of contact” control panel. The control panel provides a complete overview of the status of all batteries and lighting sources, making facility professionals’ job much easier as it becomes simpler to monitor and do maintenance, and eliminating the risk of missing any light fixtures.

Ledolight’s system fits small and medium-sized properties, where you want local emergency lighting monitoring. The simplicity and low initial cost makes the Ledolight system optimal for real estate with 20 up to 100 emergency signs and emergency lighting fixtures.

“Ledolight is known on the Swedish market to be a high end producer of Emergency lighting. For them to choose us as their supplier of reliable wireless mesh networks feels great. We really believe that they have found the right offer towards small and medium installations. This is a segment that until now haven’t been able to use wireless systems due to the high installation costs” says Joakim Wikland international sales manager at LumenRadio

“This is just the first of several wireless products in the future. I have followed LumenRadio’s technology for a long time, and I have enjoyed participating in a project that is so beneficial for us as a company, but also for the property owner and the end customer says Dennis Karlsson CEO at Ledolight

LedoWireless was shown at the Light + Building trade show in Frankfurt in  March with a great response from the market.

About Ledolight

Ledolight is a Sweden-based leading manufacturer of energy efficient emergency and evacuation lighting. As true front runners, they have received several awards for technology as well as for design. Their new wireless product family, LedoWireless, consists of emergency signs and emergency lighting accompanied by a controller that has a simple and intuitive interface. Ledolight’s system is easy to install, easy to monitor and with a price to fit the small and midsize customer.

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Or contact: Rickard Johansson , Product owner. Ledolight 


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About LumenRadio

LumenRadio develop, market and sell low-power and ultra-reliable systems for wireless IoT-applications based on our patented Cognitive Coexistence technologies. For more information about how LumenRadio’s patented technology enabled LedoWireless to become smart and connected, click here:

Or contact:Joakim Wikland, International sales manager


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