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LumenRadio TimoTwo Powers Launch Of Cintenna 2 and Satellite

RatPac Controls new Cintenna 2 and Satellite have LumenRadio’s TimoTwo CRMX wireless DMX module at the heart. “LumenRadio’s new TimoTwo solution has allowed RatPac to expand the technology past just wireless DMX and focus on user interface through the Bluetooth connectivity creating new options for our customers,” states Craig Brink, CEO of RatPac Controls.

This marks the first of what will be many products for RatPac that are built around the TimoTwo CRMX module. Brink says, “With the release of TimoTwo, sales of Cintenna twos are strong even during the current crisis; people love the ability to use the Cintenna as a receiver or transmitter.”

RatPac’s new Cintenna 2 is a slimmer, splash resistant wireless DMX solution. With Tactile Membrane LED Buttons, USB-C Connection, and internal antenna. RGB color indicates the corresponding universe for a quick visual reference.

RatPac’s new Satellite is the all-in-one Art-Net to wireless DMX transmitter, with splash-resistant enclosure, tactile membrane LED buttons and a rugged micro USB connection. Connect via WiFi or plug directly into any console via RJ45. Connect multiple units and universes using the Constellation tool.

“RatPac has been one of the pioneers in LumenRadio CRMX integration. Craig and his team saw the ability of wireless DMX to save time and improve workflow on sets early on. They selected LumenRadio CRMX for stability and adaptability. Today it is expected to be on every product that comes on the lot.” says US Sales Manager, Sean Dane.

LumenRadio’s engineering team works hard to make sure wireless DMX integration is straightforward and ensures every customer gets the performance and reliability their end-users expect. Brink states, “The LumenRadio team has worked with us to expand our product line making CRMX wireless DMX the standard on set.” 

The integration of the TiMoTwo module will allow users to use all of the familiar connections, but also adds the ability for programs such as the Blackout app to connect directly via Bluetooth for sending DMX data. Additionally, the CRMX Toolbox app allows for configuring radio settings via Bluetooth. Making both Cintenna 2 and Satellite some of the most versatile wireless DMX transceivers on the market.

See how the Cintenna 2 and Satellite are easily set up for multiple universe transmission with RatPac Constellation software in this video from Jeff Brink, creator of Blackout App HERE.

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